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If you want a true Kiwi adventure, one that lasts longer than a couple of weeks spent on a bus snapping pics and general just doing the tourist thing, you are going to want to find work as you travel. It’s really the only way to experience New Zealand and to fully enjoy the culture and the people (I’m guessing that’s why you’re here right?)
So for you to work legally the New Zealand government offers the ‘Working Holiday Scheme.’ This is very easy to apply for and allows you to stay in New Zealand for up to a whole year. You can work anywhere you want and at any time through out that year, and you don’t have to provide evidence of a job offer as with other working visa schemes.
So all you gotta do is apply for the ‘Working Holiday Scheme’ and use and your Kiwi adventure is underway!

Note: there may be other factors that affect your eligibility to work in New Zealand. Visit the ‘New Zealand Immigration’ website for full details.

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