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New Zealand Fruit Picking Jobs

Fruit picking jobs are very reasonable to earn money according to your working stamina.

The fruit-picking workers are paid by per hour or per piece of fruit and the workers have to work hard for earning greatly. The fruit picking workers work so patiently to pick the fruits as it is not easy task to spend time in picking the fruit by standing on ladder continuously. The time of working day starts from 8 am to 5pm if the workers have to work on daily basis, they may earn $28-30 per bin or some workers work on the contract basis. If the workers try to pick 5bins per day, they make a massive amount of money by doing this lucrative fruit picking job. Some land owners prefers to pay per bin, box or bucket to the fruit pickers which is the great reward. The fruit picking workers are paid variedly as the rates vary from farm to farm. The season of the different fruit picking varies from country to country and fruit to fruit.

Generally there is no need of any kind of special experience to become fruit picker as it is just a laborious job to pick fruit and fill the bin which can be easily done by all. Commonly the working day of the fruit pickers start from morning to evening but there is a break in mid day to escape from the scorching heat of sunshine of summer. That?s why there is a need of physical fitness and an exceptional working stamina along with all other gears to do this job i.e. sunglasses, gloves, sunscreen, hat, hardy boots, big drink container, etc. In the rural areas, the people are more interested to do such kind of jobs related with the agricultural field as they have much experience of doing such jobs in well-mannered. So if you are interested in doing job in any farm or orchard as fruit pickers, you may get easily without any experience, if you belong to any rural areas. You may search fruit picking jobs in the different areas of the world on our website; you would come to know about a number of such jobs which may bring a reasonable source of your earnings!

Current Fruit Picking Jobs New Zealand

Orchard Care (12)

Date added: Thu Oct 19

Wallys Backpackers

Vineyard spring planting work (30)

Date added: Thu Oct 19

Wallys Backpackers

Hop Training (6)

Date added: Wed Oct 18

Focus Central Ltd

Fruit Tree Thinners (6)
RD 1

Date added: Mon Oct 16

NS & EN Hinton Ltd

Tree Nursery (2)

Date added: Mon Oct 16

Hastings Backpackers

Apple Thinning Need 15 people start Now (15)

Date added: Mon Oct 16

Archies Bunker

Kiwifruit Orchard Work (30)

Date added: Mon Oct 16

Erlon Limited

Picking and General work (10)

Date added: Mon Oct 16

Wee Red Barn

Kiwifruit Flower harvesting - Motueka (20)

Date added: Fri Oct 13


seasonal kiwifruit orchard workers 

Date added: Thu Oct 12

Bhalla enterprise limited

kiwifruit orchard worker (25)

Date added: Thu Oct 12

Paul enterprises limited

picking blueberries (4)

Date added: Tue Oct 10

Pukenui Holiday Park

Vineyard Work Bud rubbing/development work (10)

Date added: Sun Oct 8

Hostel on Main

Orchard work (2)

Date added: Thu Oct 5

Pukenui Holiday Park

Kiwifruit Orchard Staff (6)

Date added: Tue Oct 3

Inglis Packers Ltd

kiwifruit orchard worker (50)

Date added: Thu Sep 28

Paul enterprises limited

Orchard Casual Worker (40)
Te Puke

Date added: Wed Sep 27

Pascal Horticulture Limited

kiwifruit orchard worker (25)

Date added: Sun Sep 24

Paul enterprises limited

Summer work (40)

Date added: Sat Sep 23


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