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Not only is this service designed specifically for your requirements, but the membership terms are extremely agreeable. Check out our Membership Terms and Conditions for full details, but here are the basic facts of the membership:

     - Membership for 1 year absolutly FREE!
     - Unlimited number of jobs can be posted at any one time!
     - Full control of your job listings at your fingertips!
     - Option to allow instant online application of your jobs!

Price Comparisons
Just quickly make a comparison of what you might pay to advertise a job via other methods. Your local newspaper for example, they work in centimeter columns (cm/col) right? So that means you pay per cm/col which may normally be about $7-$10 per cm/col. For an advert thats big enough to be noticed youre likely to pay well over $100. Plus the advert is only seen by those who buy the newspaper in that local area and on the one and only day that you place the ad!
Other jobsites in New Zealand are charging somewhere between $100-$200 per add! And likely for only 30 days! With you do not have these restrictions; a one off annual fee gives you total freedom.


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