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You know how cool your country isÖ but have you even seen it? New Zealand is full of places where a season can fuel a local economy; a town like Queenstown wouldnt be what it is now if not for its seasonal culture. Endlesss job possibilities exist with this type of culture all around the country. With this right at your door step you gotta ask yourself "why am I not out there doing it right now?" is helping you to do this; we are targeting specific job markets and areas that are constantly seeking seasonal workers, and providing an easy medium for you to find and apply for these jobs.
We are lucky here in New Zealand to have the freedom to make our own choices and live and work where we wish, take advantage of this and begin your seasonal working lifestyle now!

Handy Hint: Be sure to take your IRD and Bank account numbers everywhere you go (or learn them by heart), it can make life so much easier if you want to walk straight into a seasonal job. Keeping a copy of your C.V in your email inbox isnít a bad idea either.

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