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Since April the manager who runs the daily business has been changed. He is very nice and very helpful. He tries to help out whenever or wherever he can. Much appreciated. He is cleaning up the place and whenever something needs to be fixed he is on it or you have a problem try to talk to him. He also has a lot of knowledge about the area if you plan a visit or activity, good to hear him out. However he is not the owner of the place. 5 weeks ago I reacted on a job announcement for asparagus picking on this website. However I didnt start that job due to the bad weather conditions. Best is to have a call with the manager first before heading to the place. The manager helped me to find another job and the following week I got one. Backpacker prices differ from 130$-150$ each week depending on what kind of room you are in. Deposit of 20$ for your key and an additional cost of 10$ for the WiFi. If you use the hostel car to drive to work it is a 4$/day. Pitching your tent or sleeping in your car is cheaper. I slept in a 6p room and a double room. The 6p room had a own bathroom which is nice. The double room was quite small. Cleaning is done every day. This is not a party hostel, after 10pm every day no drinking alcohol or playing music is allowed. The manager is quite strict on that and will kick you out if you do. Continuing the party is possible on the beach which is a 2min walk or in the city 15min walk or in Ahuriri 40min walk. The main problem during my stay was the WiFi hotspot. If there are too many people going online, it goes really slow or it doesnt work at all. As it is a hotspot you have to login every time it kicks you off. The owner is aware of the problem, told me that it would be fixed soon but unfortunately for the review it hasnt so far. They are looking for solutions to this problem. In Napier city it is quite easy to get free WiFi from the library or the city WiFi. It was a cosy place with lovely people, nice outside area and close to everything.


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