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BJA Painting Services are your professional and reliable house painters Auckland. For interior and exterior commercial and residential house painting get in contact with us today!

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  3. No job too big or too small for our Auckland house painters.
  4. Prep-work plastering gib stopping sanding house washing painting and more!
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Exterior & Interior House Painting Services Auckland
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Anyone that has ever lifted a paintbrush will tell you the same thing Painting a house is more than just slapping some paint on a surface.

Like a fine meal prepared by your favourite chef there are countless steps that are performed first to ensure the final product looks amazing.

Any form of interior and exterior painting requires the painter to follow the same careful steps. This ensures that the finished result not only looks flawless but will also survive whatever the world may through at it Without flaking away in a few months..

BJA Painting Service understands this and ensure our painters provide you with a professional and quality service that will stand the test of time all while looking great.

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- valid WOF until Aug 2020 - automatic - petrol - 236 kms - AC cooling - brand new front tyres - 5 seats - removable matress - some cooking gear, pillows and blankets included if needed Not a beauty but a very good car, I had it for 6 months now and never had any problems! Suitable for NZs adventurous roads. REGION CHRISTCHURCH

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Subaru Legacy 2001 for saleWellington

8/06/2018 7:12:44 p.m.

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