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Kumara plainting season

Blitvic contracting , Dargaville - Northland
Kumara plainting season , Agriculture and Forestry Seasonal jobs in Dargaville Northland New Zealand

Looking for 20 workers for the 4th of November till 20 of December. 8:00-5:00 monday- Friday  every second weekend  8:00-4:00.
Will be able to train new workers as we go so feel free to give it a go if your willing to give it your 100%.there will be days you won't want to go to work but you are needed and will be let go if it happens often.  

Will start the season by cutting Kumara shoots and sorting them into box's then once collected enough we will go and plaint. 

$18.00/Hour including holiday pay depending what your job is it could go to $20/H
Note. Both Male and female are more then welcome but will be expected to pull the same weight same as with age gaps. If you feel like you will not keep up there's a good chance I will notice and have to let you go. We are a team and need to work togeather to make the day go as easy as possible. ##Need own transport and accommodation##

Positions:     20
Pay:     $18.50/hour 20-40hours aweek

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