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Work on avocado orchards

Pukenui Holiday Park, Kaitaia - Northland
Work on avocado orchards, Agriculture and Forestry Seasonal jobs in Kaitaia Northland New Zealand

We need  people to help us on 3 different orcahrds doing things like injecting spraying weeding pruning planting pinning and fertilizing on our avocado orchard. 

You must speak good english be fit (no back problems) have an IRD number and current work VISA. You MUST be drug free.

Work starts immediately for 8 weeks oron  8th April 2019 for 3-4 weeks 8 hours per day 6-7 days per week (weather dependent). 

YOu are paid $19.98 per hour (including holiday pay)

You will be staying at the Pukenui Holiday Park located in Pukenui (in the very Far North). You can stay in a tent or in your van cost $14.00 per night or in shared accommodation for $17 per night. Pukenui is a small country town with local shops (a supermarket liquor store takeaways) on the Houhora Harbour 45 minutes drive north of Kaitaia. You will be living in the country no night clubs shopping malls or picture theatre so if you need a daily cappuccino this is not the job for you!! There are great beaches and walks but you can save money becasue there is not much to buy here!

Own transport is preferrable 

E-mail jo at and answer the following questions if you wish to apply for the job;

1. Do you have an IRD number and a working VISA?
2. Do you speak good English?
3. Your full name age gender and nationality (for accommodation purposes)?

4. What height are you?

5. What is your NZ cell phone number?

6. Do you want a bed in a shared cabin or are you sleeping in your van?
7. Do you have a vehicle and do you have any spare seats for car pooling (others come with you and help with petrol costs)?

8. When can you start?
9. Are you available to work 8 weeks or more
10. Are you colourblind have any back ailments or are you allergic to insect bites or pollen?

11. Please list any experience working in orchard or farm work?
12. Have you worked in New Zealand before if so doing what?

13. YOU understand that for the duration of the job you must stay at the Pukenui Holiday Park.

Positions:     10
Pay:     $18.50 plus 8% holiday pay = $19.98 per hour

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