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Casual Surveyor Staff - $21.50 an hour

Gravitas Research, Auckland - Auckland
Casual Surveyor Staff - $21.50 an hour, Seasonal Jobs in Auckland Auckland New Zealand

Job Summary:

We're looking about 25 data collection staff for a market research project. The job involves recording information about vehicles and passengers at various locations around Auckland which we use to work out travel times and volumes of people.

You need to be:

Able to follow instructions
Record accurate information quickly
Have good attention to detail
Be reliable (show up at the right place at the right time)
Ask questions/raise issues with us ASAP
No experience is needed and we give full training.

Pay rate:

$21.50 per hour ($23.22 including holiday pay).
For each a 2.25 hour shift the gross pay is $48.38 (excl. holiday pay). For example if your tax code is M and you work both shifts pay will be $85.26 per day
Parking is reimbursed for shifts and the briefing.

Shift days/times:

All shifts are on Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays between the 12th March and 11th April.
Shifts are in the morning (6:50am - 9:05am) and afternoon (3:50pm - 6:05pm). A few are slightly extended to 10:05am and 7:05pm.
Shifts are mostly in central Auckland and the surrounding suburbs the North Shore and a couple are in South Auckland. You can't choose which locations you are assigned but wherever possible we try to give you shifts near where you live.

Applications are rejected if:

You're not permitted to work in NZ
You have insufficient availability (including if you can't make a job interview/training)
You aren't able to get to your shifts on time

Email to apply

Positions:     25
Pay:     $21.50 an hour

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