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Onion Packhouse in Hawke's Bay Hiring

GoldenApple, New Zealand - Hawkes-Bay
Onion Packhouse in Hawke's Bay Hiring , Agriculture and Forestry Seasonal jobs in New Zealand Hawkes-Bay New Zealand

We are hiring graders and stackers for our packhouse in Hawke's Bay

Come join our team make up of locals and backpackers from all over the world get stuck in work weekend barbecues and stargazing in our remote small town. 

Location: Hawke's Bay
Working date:start immediately work last until end of May 
Hours per week:40-50 hours per week
Wages:Minimum pay+8% (Stackers get 50cents more per hour)
Accommodation 100-150/week depending on availability
Transportation:Own car is preferred can be arranged if no own vehicle

This job is eligible for visa extension. Pack house experience is preferred. Low English level is not a problem. Work at least 4 weeks. 

Please apply with information below:

Visa Type: 
Visa Expiry Date: 
Do you have a car? : Yes/ No 
Current Location:

Thank you

Positions:     20
Pay:     minimum wages+8% holiday pay

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