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Count foottraffic into retail store

Hans, Mount Albert - Auckland
Count foottraffic into retail store, Agriculture and Forestry Seasonal jobs in Mount Albert Auckland New Zealand

I need somebody to count the number of people who enter a retail store in Takapuna Auckland.

I need to know the number of people entering the retail store every 15 minutes between 10am - 2pm.


The location of this task will be revealed to the successful applicant.


- Do not count staff of the retail store or security guards
- Count each member of a group separately (i.e. if a group of 4 enters they are counted as '4').
- Discretion is paramount. Please do not make yourself known to staff of the store or shoppers.
- If somebody enters leaves and re-enters the retail store within 15 mins do not count this entry separately. Otherwise count the visit separately.


A photo upon arrival at the specified location and a photo at the end of the task. The time must be visible in both photos. The app Timestamp Camera provides a timestamp over the top of the photo.

The results provided in a spreadsheet in the following format:

10:00 - 10:14 5
10:15 - 10:29 6

Positions:     1
Pay:     100

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